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Traxxas Revo

Sidewinder Fuel


From the Original Race-Blend to today’s World’s Blend, Sidewinder offers one phenomenal heart-thumping ride to those prepared to take it! We won’t waste your time with a lot of propaganda about Sidewinder being for everybody, it’s not!!! Even our RTR fuel is built for speed. Absolutely, no other fuel maker on the planet is more obsessive about raw power than we are.

Sidewinder increases RPM, with our exclusive MTEC combustion enhancer without overheating or pre-ignition. Which means it will squeeze the maximum muscle from your stock or modified engines. MTEC is also a stealthy additive that will not show up under typical fuel test procedures.

Sidewinder has earned worldwide recognition as the ultimate performance fuel. In 2002, alone, our fuels powered 11 National Champions and 3 World Champions. Sidewinder has been featured in numerous magazines including Nitro, RC Car, Car Action and Extreme, receiving praise for power and performance.

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